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titanium machete

Titanium Look Machete Sword w/ Throwing Knives Electroplated

$ 29.99 

Titanium Machete

This is a very nice machete. It is not actually Titanium but is a regular Stainless Steel blade that is finished to have a Titanium look. The design is what sets this apart from most other machetes but the look on this is very good. It will give you the feel of a very nice machete at a very low price. These Titanium Machetes have a very special finish that makes then look oily and they have a very cool modern look. You will really enjoy this titanium machete.

 27" Machete Sword with 18 1/2" Titanium Electroplated Blade 2x 6 1/2"Throwing Knives Included With Nylon Sheath