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Ninja Claws

Ninja Claws Shinobi Brand Ninja Shuko

$ 9.95 

Ninja Claws

The Ninja Claws are items that each ninja should start with. These can be used to climb trees or walls. We have ninja claws for both the feet and hands. A ninja would always carry these with them so that they would be able to scale a steep wall and keep their grips. The ninja claws were often used with grappling hooks to help the ninja to scale a wall and gain an advantageous position in which to either fight from or to be able to survey the area and later attack from. These Ninja Claws along with the Ninja Grappling hooks are functional pcs that can be used to help the inner Ninja in you come out.

  • Traditional Ninja Climbing Tool designed to be worn on Hands for Climbing and Scaling
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Midnight Black Finish
  • Designed with an Adjustable Wrist Strap that will Fit Almost Everyone
  • The Shinobi Brand is a brand known for it's quality.  
  • Great for working on those Ninja Skills.