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Musha Kouga Ninja Sword

Musha Kouga Ninja Sword

$ 71.99 

Many people on line are selling Samurai swords but this falls into the Ninja Category.  You can see by the way the blade is straight and the accents on the sword are more for work then show.  We think you will be impressed by this sword and it will be a welcome addition to your Ninja Sword Collection.  

The Musha Kouga Ninja sword is a Ninja’s dream! With a hand forged 1045 high carbon steel blade this ninja sword will take on all comers. In the typical Kouga style, the black wood scabbard has a steel spike at the end, and the Tsuba features a cutout of the Ninja in Kanji. To top it off, this battle ready Ninja sword comes with a leather belt attachment that allows this sword to be carried across your back.

Musha Kouga Ninja Sword  Features:

  • Hand forged 10345 high carbon steel blade
  • Sharp
  • Full tang
  • Black Cord wrapped handle
  • Metal tsuba
  • Wood scabbard with metal fittings
  • Leather back strap attachment
  • Battle ready


Overall: 40″