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Musashi Swords

Musashi Swords - Hand Forged Samurai Sword.

$ 399.99 

40 1/2" Hand Forged Samurai Sword made with the Musashi Difference.


Musashi Swords are recommended by the editor of Katsujinken Sword Arts Journal Magazine.  They have worked hard at developing a high quality and functional sword that can withstand the rigors of both competition and daily use. 

The Musashi Brandis hand crafted by world renown sword smiths *  (The Sword Smith Varies depending on style and area the sword is made. 

This is the official Weapon of the USA Kenpo Team and won a Silver medal  in the International Competition Weapon Category in Turkey. 

The Musashi Swords are Highly Recommended and Grand Master Ueno Kagenori Genki or Tenshinsho Jigen Ryu owns several Musashi swords in his private Collection.


Musashi Swords - More Info

The Musashi Sword is a well-known sword that is known for it’s high quality and good price. These swords are named after the great Japanese Swordsman Miymoto Musashi who lived from 1584-1645. He went be several names but Musashi seems to be the most common. He was an expert Japanese swordsman and ronin. (A ronin was a samurai with no lord or master) Musashi was known for his unique double bladed swordmanship and his sword fighting prowess. It is said he went undefeated in 60 sword duels. So having a Musashi Sword named after him seems to be something very deserving. He also wrote a book “The Five Rings” that is a book on strategy, tactics and philosophy that is still studied by many martial artist and swordsman today. You cannot go wrong with a Musashi Sword. High quality and great workman ship at a reasonable price.