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Khukuri Combat Knife

Khukuri Combat Knife

$ 29.95 

Khukuri Combat Knife - 16 1/2" full tang stainless kukri style combat knife. black coated blade with nylon sheath


For now this is a one time deal.  We were able to get hold of some extra inventory and we have 85 of these Kukri Style Combat Knives like the ones used in Nepal.  They are made from 440 Stainless and are a great pc.  You will be happy you bought this knife whether to start a collection or add to an exisiting collection.

Khukuri Combat Knife

The Khukuri Combat Knifes is fashioned after the Nepalese Kukri. This knife has an inwardly curved blade similar to a machete and can be used as both a tool and as a weapon. This typed of Khukuir Combat Knife is commonly used in Nepal and other Countries in South Asia who neighbor Nepal. Traditionally it was used as the basic utility knife of the Nepalese people. The Gurkha (one of the most loyal and fierce soldiers from Nepal employed by the British) who were deployed throughout the world in many out posts often used this Khurkuri Combat Knife so much that some English speakers started to refer to this knife as the “Gurkha Blade” or the “Gurkha knife”. This is just a replica but the real Khukuri Combat Knives are used in many Nepalese traditional rituals such as wedding ceremonies.   Another interesting point to this is that many Westerners want to claim they designed this knife and it was brought to South Asia by Alexander the Great.   Whatever the origin of this knife it has been through the test of time and you can’t go wrong with a Khukuri Combat Knife.