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Zanegetsu Bankai

Zanegetsu Bankai - Ichigo Ultimate Tensa Zangetsu Bankai Sword.

$ 39.99 

Ichigo Ultimate Tensa Zangetsu Bankai Sword replica

The 40" Bankai Sword is now available in the ultimate Tensa Zangetsu form. New features include an enhanced blade with three large spikes along the back,  and an updated tsuba.

Zanegetsu Bankai

The Zanegetsu Bankai Sword is the Perfect Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu Replica.   This is the sword the Character from Bleach uses. Zangetsu is a clam level headed individual which is a big contrast with his hot-tempered master. He often acts as a mentor to Ichigo. While Ichigo’s inner world is one of tall shiny skyscrapers, Zengetsu claims to prefer more lush, natural surroundings, like bright sunny skies, green forests and animals. In his Bankai Form, Zengetsu has the same calm and collected disposition as he would when not in Bankai, however he is far more aggressive. The Zanegetsu Bankai Sword can let you Cosplay his character to the ultimate potential.

Product Specifications:
Overall Length: 38 inches
Handle: 11 inches
Blade: 26 1/2 inches
Handguard: 4 inches x 3 1/2 inches
Sheath: Wood with black painted finish
Blade is made out of carbon steel and has a high gloss liquid black finish. The
guard is made out of stainless steel and is finished in black.