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Ichigo kurosaki sword

Ichigo Kurosaki Sword Handle Umbrella

$ 23.99 

Ichigo Kurosaki Sword

It is great to have an Ichigo Kurosaki Sword. Ichigo Kurosake is a Fictional Character from the Bleach Manga Series. He is the Protagonist of the series and he receives Soul Reaper Powers as a result of his run in with Rukia Kuchike. He get’s these powers but it cost Rukia his powers. As a result Ichigo then works as Rukia’s stand in to protect the people of the city using his Ichigo Kurosaki Sword. He protects them from evil spirits called Hollows. When you are Coplaying Ichigo Kurosake or Rukia Kuchike you will need to have the Ichigo Kurosaki Sword to make it as real life as possible.

• 44” wide span
• 40” overall length
• 10” handle

Offical Lincensed Bleach Product Ichigo Kurosaki Japanese anime samurai sword handle umbrella

  • Automatic umbrella opens to 44" wide span
  • Nylon wrapped handle with black carrying case
  • Samuria Sword Handle from your Japanese Anime Icho Bleach