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Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches

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We know these can be costly and we are trying to get them to you for as cheap as possible.  We would love to give you a quote and our minimums are only 50 pcs.  Here is some other information you may need before you ask us to quote.  (all we need to quote is a jpg picture and a size of the patch you want.  If you can do 500 pcs the prices goes way down but we do ask for a minimum of 50 to make it easier to order and it keeps the amortization cost of the digital tape fee reasonable.  

We can quote on your size and dimensions.   Freight is include in the USA.    

Re: Embroidery patch 
2D design single side

Size we have done both 8.5 inch and 3.5 inch and can custom make to the size you want.  

Embroidery area: 90%
Background: Twill fabric

Backing: plain on back

Border: merrow border
Packing: 50pc/carton
Printing set up cost: US$100  you need to supply the artwork.  We do have a designer we can introduce to you if you need design work done.  She did the design on the above patch.  
1)The price will be based on the design and include delivery to your place in the USA. 
2) Final price is subject to approval artwork and firm order as our price varies according to quantity, colors and etc.
3) Payment: by T/T 50% deposit before mass production, the balance 50% should be T/T before shipment.
4) Lead time: 2 days for pre-production artwork if need,
8~10 days for pre-production sample,
15~20 days for mass production after sample approval.
5) Validity: 30 days from the quotation date.
The picture shown if for reference only and cannot be sold to the General Public.  All artworks and patches are custom made and the customer retains all rights to market and sell their patches.  We have no claim on the patches.  If you are using a major name brand (Coke, Disney, Apple etc) you will have to supply documents showing you have the rights to reproduce the image/artwork.  
We are an approved vendor for the following companies.  We are the Walt Disney (#G601-7453-6), Target (#16836702), Coca Cola (#SZX-5017-01), The Universal Studios (#L-309), Polo Ralph Laurent (SZX-20017-01), and Adidas (ID number 50476) approved manufacturer along with others.