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Chinese Hook Swords

Chinese Hook Swords - 33" 2 Piece Set

$ 49.99

Chinese Hook Swords.

The Chinese Hook Swords are traditionally Chinese weapons. Fu tao is or Gou is how it is said in Chinese. These weapons were mostly used in the Northern area of China and are associate with the northern styles of Chinese Martial Arts and the art of Wushu weapons routines. Now these style of martial arts are practiced throughout all of China so you see the Chinese Hooks in all of China not just in the northern part any more.

They are also known as Tiger Hook Swords or translated from Chinese the “Heaven and Earth, Sun and Moon Sword) These Chinese Hook Swords have a blade similar to that of a jian, though usually thicker and unsharpened, with a prong or hook (similar to a Shepard’s crook)  near the tip. Guards are substantial in the style of butterfly swords. Often used in pairs, the hooks of the weapons may be used to trap or deflect other weapons.

There are 5 components to the Chinese Hook Sword.

The back which is used like a regular sword, The hook, which is used to trip enemies, catch weapons and for slashing, the end of the hilt which is sharpened and can be used for stabbing, the crescent guard, which is used for blocking and slashing and the link which is used when using a pair. The two hooks can loosely connect, and the wielder swings one hook sword, in a way that the second is extended further out. Almost six feet. While the second is in the air, the dagger upon the hilt slashes the target. In this way the wielder can extend their reach out for three to six feet. The Shaolin in the North part of China are famous for using these Chinese Hook Swords in this manner and consider them very versatile and effective weapons. The Chinese Hook Sword has a very long history in Chinese Weaponry. These Chinese Hook Swords are great for using to practice several moves to keep you flowing smoothly.