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Stainless Swords From Ninja Supply

Being a ninja isn’t just about having a sword, it’s about having the right sword and sometimes you need stainless swords.  Stainless swords from ninja supply come in several different options, all of the options are ready to make your cosplay perfect or your training session outstanding.  Here are the options we have.

39 ½ Inch Blue with Gold Accents Stainless Steel Cosplay Sword

For video game fans there is usually one sword that stands out, that is Link’s Great Fairy Sword.  This stainless steel sword is a replica of that famous sword from the Legend of Zelda.  It features a 27 inch blade that comes unsharpened.  The blue handle is made from metal and the blue and gold scabbard fits it perfectly.

3 Piece 6 Inch Full Tang Throwing Knives With Nylon Sheathes

These stainless steel throwing knives are just what you need to hone your skills or prove your worth.  They are 6 inches in length with a 3.5 inch blade.  The blades on these knives are made special to help reduce the chance of them becoming damaged.

40 ½ Inch Reverse Blade Red Samurai Sword 440 Stainless Blade

This wonderful 40.5 inch sword comes with an interesting reversed blade.  That means that the cutting edge is on the opposite side of where it would normally be.  A very nice red sheath comes with the sword to house it safely and the handle is wrapped in black cordage that compliments the red very well.  You can use this 440 stainless steel blade for cosplay or training.

Musha 1045 Carbon Steel Blade with Stainless Steel Tanto in Handle

This wonderful carbon steel blade sword comes in at a total length of 39.25 inches.  It has a white wrapped handle and a black sheath.  Built-in to the top of the sheath is a second sheath for a stainless steel tanto blade.  On the blade you can find a decorative bo-hi and harmon.

With these options there is something to meet every need you might have for stainless swords, order one today and be ready to go as soon as it arrives.

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