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Unique LARP Swords From Ninja Supply

When it comes to LARP swords you are looking for something unique that can make you standout but you still want it to be durable.  Ninja Supply offers some of the top LARPing swords to meet your combat needs.  Not only are they durable but they will help you look the part you are trying to play.

39 Inch Demon Head LARP Foam Sword

This fantasy sword has a silver foam blade and a handle that is both gold and silver.  The handle of the sword is an intricate work of art that features a silver demon’s head in the middle.  Black flecking on the sword adds to the realism of the blade, making this piece not just a prop but part of the action.  The whole sword is 39 inches in length.  While this is labeled as a fantasy sword it could easily be used as the sword of a knight. 

45 Inch Masonic LARP Foam Sword

This foam LARP sword helps to bring a touch of realism to your next live action roleplay event.  Despite being made out of foam, it holds the image of a traditional masonic sword with a silver blade, gold hilt and pummel, and a black handle.  Despite the thinner nature of the masonic sword it won’t be a cheap toy, you can join right into the fray and not have to worry.

Halo Covenant 29 Inch Foam LARP Sword

For many people Halo was the game that brought them into the gaming world, whether that be console gaming or computer gaming.  This 29 inch LARP sword can help you live out your past on the Halo ring.  With a double blade, you hold the sword with a handle that sits between the two blades.  Both blades have a blue paint on them that is finished with white paint that helps to add to the realism of the energy appearance.

When you go into a LARPing battle you want to be ready to fight, that means you need a quality sword.  Buy unique LARP swords from Ninja Supply and jump right into the battle with your friends, and enemies.

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