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Dual Ninja Swords To Meet your Ninja Needs

Dual ninja swords are a staple tool for ninjas and ninja supply can ensure that you get what you need when it comes to getting dual swords.  Four options greet those who find their path ending on the dual ninja swords page.

Dual Head Cobra Sword

The dual head cobra sword features two intricately designed cobras wrapping up the blade of the sword.  Their tails meet at the tip while the heads form cross guards.  The sword is constructed from PU foam and is designed to be used as a cosplay item, LARPing tool, or training tool.  You can also just use it as a display item if you want.  It is 35 ½ inches long in size.

Dual Ninja Swords With One Sheath

This set of black ninja swords come with one sheath that stores both blades.  While the sheath is a black cloth design, the swords themselves aren’t plain.  Each blade is 25 inches long and features serration at the lower end.  Holes decorate the length of the blade.  Both handles are cloth wrapped for both comfort and grip. 

Leonardo Dual Ninja Swords With Back Carrying Scabbard

The Leonard Dual Ninja Swords kit comes with two 440 stainless steel blades that are 25 inches long each.  The blades are not sharpened and end in an oval hand guard.   A wood hand guard is wrapped in synthetic cord to offer a better grip.  What adds an extra layer of excellence to these dual ninja swords is the dual sheath that sits on the wearer’s back and holds the swords at an angle behind the shoulders.  The sheath is made from fake leather and features adjustable straps.

Licensed Ichigo Kurosaki Zanpakuto Dual Wield 41 Inch Bleach Sword

This sword is an officially licensed sword that has been seen in the anime Bleach.  It is known to be very popular and sells quickly.  The black blade has the signature cut out in the middle from Ichigo’s swords.  The handle has white cordage for grip and below it another black cut out section.

If you are looking for dual ninja swords then there is no better place to look than Ninja Supply. 

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