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Carbon Swords By Ninja Supply

Ninjas supply offers a supply of carbon swords to help you meet your cosplay or training needs.  Each sword is handcrafted and made with excellence in mind.  Swords may no longer be the primary weapon that most people go to when defending themselves but that doesn’t mean the art of carbon swords has been lost.  Ninja supply proves this with their superbly crafted swords.

Musha 1045 Carbon Steel Blade

The Musha 1045 carbon steel blade features a 39.25 inch blade that is made out of high quality 1045 carbon steel.  Over the top of the blade there is Maru lamination, which serves to protect the blade.  The wood scabbard for the sword features a glossy finish.  Built into the sheath is a smaller sheath for a mini tanto blade.  So even if you lose your sword in battle you aren’t left without a tool to defend yourself.

Be careful because the Musha katana comes sharpened and battle ready so that you can use it for realistic training.

1045 Carbon Full Tang Samurai Sword

At just over 41 inches (41.25 to be specific) this samurai sword is made out of extremely high quality metal.  The blade is just ¼ of an inch thick and is extremely sharp.  On the hilt and wood of the sword you can find exquisite gold accents.  The 1045 samurai sword is accompanied by a black, wooden sheath that is finished with a glossy coat to give the sword an even more beautiful appearance.

Musha 41 Inch 1045 Hand Forged Carbon Steel Muku-Gitae

Musha brand swords have been produced for a while now and are used for every purpose from cosplaying to Iaido.  This sword is part of the Musha brand’s Kotoku series.  The blade length is 41 inches and features a beautiful guard.  On this Carbon sword’s sheath you can find an intricately carved flower that goes perfectly with the black finish on the wood.

No matter your need for traditionally made carbon swords, Ninja Supply can help ensure that you get what you need.  Modern carbon swords are built to the same standards that they have been built to for years.

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