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22 Jun '16

We have started to carry the Sparkfoam line of LARP Swords.

Posted by Matt Grant in Comic Con, Larp, Sparkfoam

The Sparkfoam line of LARP swords will revolutionize the Live Action Role Play market.  These swords are almost indestructible and you can bend them and hit things with them with very little damage being done to the sword or to the item hit.  It gives you a much better feel to your role play and they are totally safe.  The weight is good and they have been on the market for about 6 months so any kinks they may have had have been worked out.  

I can tell you that the competition will be working on coming out with similar items to compete with these but they are already behind the eight ball as these are already on the market and have a good following.  

Here is the press release that was sent by the manufacturerer.


SparkFoam swords have hit the market! We are very excited to present our exclusive, patented, SparkFoam swords!!!


   We showcased these new swords the 2016 New York Toy Fair,  and will also showcase these at Several Summer Shows. Sparkfoam swords are made using a new method of creating foam swords that goes well beyond traditional foam swords, in terms of the type and quality of materials used as well as how the swords are constructed. 

 We have several  videos posted on youtube, and some include videos from reviewers that are posted or about to be.

 An explanation of SparkFoam and a demonstration of SparkFoam’s capabilities can be seen in these videos.







LordDraconical, is a  very popular toy reviewer on youtube with 348,526 channel subscribers, will be making a series of videos for SparkFoam so you can see the quality of these items.  

The first video has been posted, and already has over 69,000+ views in just the first 6 days.



We are already seeing a massive spike in sales and this will keep growing as more videos from other reviewers are made public.

We will be carrying all models of the Sparkfoam Swords and expect great sales from them as the Summer goes on and into the fall.

This is your chance to be the first to own the newest thing out there in the LARP arena.

We just missed Comic Con but I am sure you have plenty of other opportunities to show what you have.  The great thing about these is with all the new movies coming out like Deadpool and Mutant Ninja Turtles the need for safe swords to use with your costume is getting even more and more important.  

This is the best on the market for letting you have something that gives you that real feel but also is safe so organizers shouldn't have an issue with you bringing them into the venue or showing them around while you are out and about.  

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