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14 Jun '16

American Ninja Warrior is a great show.

Posted by Matt Grant in martial art training, ninja, sword, warrior

Just started to watch the latest American Ninja Warrior Show and I am amazed at how over the years the course has gotten more difficult but the level of athlete competing is getting better and better.  I can see (guess) that this is in direct correlation to prize money and fame.  In the early years it was mostly just rock climbers and Parkour hobbyist that but as the prize money has become more substantial the athletes have became better and better.  

The money is getting to the point that many are able to train full time and listening to the announcers speak many of the contestants have started their own training schools to train young athletes to prepare for the show.  I have no problem with this.  In fact I think that is the way a free market economy should work.  It is great to live in a place where you can make enough money doing what you like to be able to do what you like.  I know that sounds redundant but if you read it again you will see what the point is.  We can make enough money in our hobby to support our hobby.  Really why do we need anything more then that.  


I do BJJ and I see a similar kind of professional.  They start an academy and they get several students and end up making enough money so that they can continue to do Jiu Jitsu.  To be honest it does not really pay to try and become really really good at it because even though you might be able to win some big tournaments and get a bunch of followers on Instagram or Facebook you really are not able to pay the bills with those followers.  Banks don't really care how many followers you have when they give you a loan for a house or car etc.  


There are a lot of people in the Jiujitsu Community who are trying to get the winners to get paid and if they ever get to the kind of payouts or incentives as American Ninja Warrior has then you will see the athleticism increase.  Right now most of the ones who want to make big bucks are heading to the UFC and trying to make their big bucks while they are young.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.  


27 Apr '16

Why are people so judgmental?

Posted by Irfan Mirza in knife, ninja, proelia knife

Why are people so judgmental?

Here is the deal.  Someone posted on Reddit the other day about one of our high end knives.  This is the Proelia Knife and I have taken it to several trade shows where the clientele knew and understood high end knives.  It got very good reviews and we sold many of them at the Trade Show over the counter once people were able to actually feel the quality of the item.  

We have sold over 200 of these and only had one issue from a guy in Canada who took it apart and had trouble putting it back together.  He put the plates on backwards and then forced it to fit and we still replaced the knife for him.  Like I said this is a very good knife that is at a very good price for the knife.

Then someone post on Reddit and ask what they think about the knife and not one person who gives feedback has even held the knife.  The comments are comments about how they would not trust a website called Ninja Supply.  WTH is that?  You look at the name of a website and if the name has the word Ninja in it then you  all of the sudden think that they are selling crap?  How stupid is that.  We have a ton of customers who are very happy with the product they have received from us.  Sure we target the hobbyist and those that might not be able to afford an expensive Samurai Sword or other blade but there is a place in the market for us.  Do not confuse good pricing with poor quality merchandise.  We are based in the USA and are easy to find and contact if anyone has an issue.  We know the manufacturers of the Proelia Knife and they were kind enough to let us show it on our site.  Just because it is on  a site called Ninja Supply does not mean it is a not a great knife and does not affect the quality of the knife.  They do not make a cheaper one for us.  If we started selling Gerber, Cold Steel, Kershaw or other knives on our site would you just assume they were no good because we take less margin so we can offer better prices?  

All I ask the critiques is that if  you want to say an item is not good then at least get the item and try it first.  Then if in your opinion that item does not meet your standard of what a knife that cost $100 should be then go ahead and complain and post it for everyone to see.  Just seems to me that to be critical of an item because of the name of the site is not very sincere or an honest assessment of the quality  of the item.

Rant over.  Hope everyone has a great day.  

18 May '15

Why do we sell this stuff

Posted by Matt Grant in cosplay, katana, martial art training, ninja, warrior

Our whole lives we have been trying to pay the bills.  Doing this and that whatever it takes to get the bills paid and provide for the family.  This used to be much harder in the 80's and 90's when you were pretty much limited to the things you could do to cover your costs.  

Then the internet came about.  All of the sudden you could start to do the things you like and play with your hobbies even with limited funds.  Then all of the sudden you find you can start selling stuff on Ebay and Craigslist and making enough money to make ends meet.  Then you get a website and put some items on their and find people with similar interests to you and wham you are covering your bills.  

Of course you still work everyday but it is fun to come to work because the people that call you are people who have similar interests to you.  They like the things you like.  Social Media has helped us all to find so many more friends with similar interests.  

I have to say I feel very lucky to be living in these times where you can do what you like to do and still make enough to pay your bills.  

25 Aug '14

We are going to start to bring out some higher quality pcs.

We have been coming out with some better knives and swords,  These are going to be made with higher quality materials and have better workmanship.  We have noticed over the last two months that there is a huge market for the better stuff so we are going to try and satisfy our customers hunger for these items.

This week our deal of the week has a Damascus blade on a Tanto.  In the past we thought most people were only concerned with price point but as we move forward we have noticed that if quality is high the customer is willing to pay for it.  We are truly amazed by how many people have the same interest as us.  Knives, Swords, Martial Arts etc.  


PS can't wait to watch American Ninja tonight to see who makes it to Stage 2 on Mount Midoriyama.  Should be fun.  

22 Jul '14

These Throwing Knives are great.

Posted by Matt Grant in martial arts, ninja, samurai, throwing knives
Once you figure out the distance and the rotation you can stick these knives every time.  If you are throwing into Cardboard you can stick them with both the blade and the handle.  They have amazing balance and accuracy.  You could easily spend much more time in the backyard or garage practicing your throwing skills then playing video games.  And the price is right.

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