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02 Feb '16

Rest in Peace My Brother

Posted by Matt Grant

Some days are harder then others.  In the last month I have lost two Black Belt Training Partners.  They were in excellent shape and always whooped up on me.  It is hard to believe they are gone.  When moments  like this happen it give you a chance to think about things you could do differently in  your life and how to take each moment for what it is worth.  You never know what tomorrow will bring.  


These were good men who passed on.  Yesterday we had a memorial of sort for one of them.  His brother came and rolled with us and it was important for many of us there to be able to express  what his brother meant to us.  It was an emotional time but a good gathering of  friends to show Respect for one of our own.  RIP Brian Kim and RIP Don Charley.  Both good men.  You will be missed.