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18 May '15

Why do we sell this stuff

Posted by Matt Grant in cosplay, katana, martial art training, ninja, warrior

Our whole lives we have been trying to pay the bills.  Doing this and that whatever it takes to get the bills paid and provide for the family.  This used to be much harder in the 80's and 90's when you were pretty much limited to the things you could do to cover your costs.  

Then the internet came about.  All of the sudden you could start to do the things you like and play with your hobbies even with limited funds.  Then all of the sudden you find you can start selling stuff on Ebay and Craigslist and making enough money to make ends meet.  Then you get a website and put some items on their and find people with similar interests to you and wham you are covering your bills.  

Of course you still work everyday but it is fun to come to work because the people that call you are people who have similar interests to you.  They like the things you like.  Social Media has helped us all to find so many more friends with similar interests.  

I have to say I feel very lucky to be living in these times where you can do what you like to do and still make enough to pay your bills.