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20 Mar '15

Last week I met Brian Freeman at Pan Ams.

Posted by Matt Grant in american ninja warrior, bjj, pan ams, war vet, warrior

What a great experience.  I am always amazed at how the Jiujitsu and other martial art communities really accept each other.  I met a guy there who was in a wheelchair.  He was about 35 years old and was a disabled Vet.  He had no use of his legs but he was out their competing with able bodied competitors.  

An important part of BJJ is being able to hold your opponent with your legs.  If you have no use of your legs it eliminates this component for you.  That means that people will easily pass your guard and can easily choke you.  No off course he is used to this and because of his lack of legs strength he has far superior grip and also is a master of wrist locks if you are haphazard, taking it easy or overlooking this opponent you will be tapping to a wrist lock before you know it and the match will be over.  He got Choked out in one of his matches and I talked to him afterwards and asked him if he was okay.  He told me he was and that he never taps he would rather just pass out.  I thought the guy was probably pretty good at dealing with pain and if that is what he wanted then okay.  Then I saw he just posted this picture on his Instagram and I thought it was funny.  

BTW his name is Brian Freeman and he did get a 3rd place finish at Pans so major props to him.  It was an 8 man division.