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06 Mar '15

Last week was crazy

Posted by Matt Grant in bjj, ibjjf, martial art training, pan ams

When we hit a hot item it really takes off.  Very interesting that we did more order last week then we did the rest of the Month put together.

I am getting ready to compete at Pan Ams next week.  The big Jiujitsu Tournament. I was advanced to Blue Belt in December so  I have cut weight to get where I wanted to be and that has made me a little moody but at least I get to grapple smaller guys compared to the beasts I usually compete with.  I am entered in Masters 5 so I only have 3 guys in my class.  Still they are guys that want to compete and are confident enough to enter a tournament so they should be tough matches.  I just hope I am up to the Challenge to give them a good match.  

Good luck to All BJJ and Pan Am competitors.  I really do believe that win or lose competition makes you better.  It is different when you test your self in the spot light compared to sparring with some random guys at the place you usually work out at.