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We Love Swords, Knives, Ninjas, Samurai's & Martial Arts. Do You?

05 Dec '14

Spent the last 3 weeks moving our warehouse.

Posted by Matt Grant in american ninja warrior, Proelia Knives

After being in on location for almost 20 years it was a little bit more then I was ready for.  


All turned out well though as we are in the new bigger location and things should go much better once we get everything in it's place.


Thank you all for your patronage over the last few months.  We have been lucky to have you a long for the ride.


We are really looking to branch out more into the Martial Arts areas so if you have any suggestions  let us know.


We also have found that our Top Seller over the past couple of months has been the Proelia Knives.  I think once these get out on the market in numbers you will notice that the value will increase as people really start to see and feel the quality of these knives.