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We Love Swords, Knives, Ninjas, Samurai's & Martial Arts. Do You?

11 Nov '14

Just got back from the SEMA Show.

Posted by Matt Grant in ninja hook, sema show, sema2014, swamp people

I know this is a car show and it is a great car show.  #SEMA but we put out a table of the the Ninja Supply stuff just to see the reaction and I can say it was overwhelming.  You cannot believe the interest that we got in our products.  We actually sold a ton of merchandise.  We sold over 50 Flash Light Stun Guns, and over 100 blades of different kinds.  Much more then we ever anticipated.  


We also ran into a couple of Stars from the TV Show Swamp People.  They came up and picked up the Ninja Grappling Hook and said if they would have had this on last years show that big gator would not have gotten away.  Maybe we have a new use for the grappling hook.  Of course they said they would need to sharpen up the hooks on it but anyone can do that in a machine shop.