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We Love Swords, Knives, Ninjas, Samurai's & Martial Arts. Do You?

30 Sep '14

I have been studying that art of swordsmanship and realize I have much to learn.

Posted by Matt Grant

I talked to my Jiu Jitsu Instructor and he told me that his Karate Instructor (he is a black belt in Karate also) would not even let him pick up a Katana until he got his black belt and then and only then was he able to handle it and he told him to never ever let anyone touch it.


I was raised in the country around knives and other sharp objects.  I lived in Asia for several years (almost 10 added up) so I have seen many displays of swordsmanship and have been able to buy and sell swords of many different styles.  


While they have all intrigued me and I love to collect them I have never really took the time to learn the proper grip and handling of the very sharp Samurai Swords.  I thank all those that have let me know of this and I am working toward gaining a better understanding of how to use these fine Weapons.