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21 Sep '14

Been on the Road lately.

I was at a Sheriif's show in Santa Fe, New Mexico last week and will be heading to Utah later today for another Sheriff's show.   Usually we just sell the Sheriff's knives but I decided to bring some of the Ninja Stuff to the show and see what they thought.  


First of all I have to say I should have brought more.  I brought some nice swords and sold out what I brought and ended up shipping a few more when I got back.  They took all the throwing knives I brought (about 24) and I sold out of several other items.  The great thing is the calls the office was getting after the show.

My main focus with them was the $150.00 Proelia knife.  Almost every one that picked it up commented on what a smooth mechanism it had using the ball bearings and how it felt and looked like a $300 knife.  I sold out of the smooth handle one (20) and only had two of the rippled handle ones left.  

These Sheriff's are usually incredible cheapskates ( the tow truck drivers are the spenders) so I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction.  

On a side note I was able to get a Jiu Jitsu session in.  Rolling at 7000 ft is now joke. Here is my other blog writing about that.  t.