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01 Sep '14

We are now carrying Musashi and Musha Swords.

Posted by Matt Grant

These are both fine brands.  The Musha Sword is the beginner level sword for the serious collector and a great starting point.  

The Musashi is a well known name among collectors and is for those ready to take it to the next level. 

Musashi Swords are recommended by the editor of Katsujinken Sword Arts Journal Magazine.  They have worked hard at developing a high quality and functional sword that can withstand the rigors of both competition and daily use. 

The Musashi Brandis hand crafted by world renown sword smiths *  (The Sword Smith Varies depending on style and area the sword is made. 

This is the official Weapon of the USA Kenpo Team and won a Silver medal  in the International Competition Weapon Category in Turkey. 

The Musashi Swords are Highly Recommended and Grand Master Ueno Kagenori Genki or Tenshinsho Jigen Ryu owns several Musashi swords in his private Collection. 

Musha Swords - More Info

Musha SwordsThe Musha Sword is a less expensive version of the Musashi Sword. It if functional with a batte ready blade. The swords are all full tang and are Carbon 1045 steel for great strength. The Musha sword can be seen used in several books and is a very popular sword among those just starting out collecting swords as it gives them great quality but also a very affordable price.   The Musha sword is usually the one we suggest for the sword collector hobbyist who is just getting started and want to start with something affordable but still have a good feel to the sword they buy and they want to be able to impress their friends. The Musha Sword could be the perfect sword for you.