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28 Aug '14

The Proelia Knives are going to knock your socks off.

I got these in and immediately invited by knife buddies over to look at the knives.  These are friends who had been around knives for a while.  3 of them were law enforcement guys and the 4th actually has a knife store.  I let them look at the knife and they were all impressed.  Then I decided to let them take one to work and show it around to the other officers or employees and let me know what they thought.  That was two days ago and 3 of the 4 have called me back and told me they want to buy the knife and not return it.  The 4th will be at G6 this weekend so I expect to hear back from him after the show.


I was just looking for some feedback on this new knife we were carrying and people started to buy it.  How crazy is that.  I got to think this is going to be a hot selling item in the market as it compares favorably to the $300 and up knives and I worry that the price is going to go us once this brand is established but for today I think we go with what we have and get as many out in the market as we can.