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We Love Swords, Knives, Ninjas, Samurai's & Martial Arts. Do You?

25 Aug '14

We are going to start to bring out some higher quality pcs.

We have been coming out with some better knives and swords,  These are going to be made with higher quality materials and have better workmanship.  We have noticed over the last two months that there is a huge market for the better stuff so we are going to try and satisfy our customers hunger for these items.

This week our deal of the week has a Damascus blade on a Tanto.  In the past we thought most people were only concerned with price point but as we move forward we have noticed that if quality is high the customer is willing to pay for it.  We are truly amazed by how many people have the same interest as us.  Knives, Swords, Martial Arts etc.  


PS can't wait to watch American Ninja tonight to see who makes it to Stage 2 on Mount Midoriyama.  Should be fun.