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07 Jul '14

Watched the UFC fights this weekend.

Posted by Matt Grant in bjj, Brazilian jiu jitsu, jiujitsu, martial arts, mma, ninja

All I have to say is Rhonda Rousey is incredible.  I feel so bad for any women that has to fight her but I would like to see her compete in a BJJ Tournament Straight up Gi against some of the top BJJ women in the World.  I would think she would get beat but she has shown such toughness and resilience that who knows.


Also thought is was sad to BJ Penn go out the way he did.  He thought he could catch Edgar in a Sub if he got off his feet but Edgar was just too fast and too much pressure for him.  Sad to see a Champion go out that way.   


For everyone else look at some of our contest on facebook and see what we are going to be doing in the future to make the site more exciting.