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We Love Swords, Knives, Ninjas, Samurai's & Martial Arts. Do You?

22 May '14

I have always loved Asia and Martial Arts

I traveled to Hong Kong for the first time in 1980.  I fell in love with it and the Asian Culture from the Start.  I was at a Martial Arts house and I saw a guy throw a chop stick through a plywood board and take a Samurai Sword and Cut a Watermelon thrown in the air twice all the way through before it hit the ground.  


I have collected swords from around the world.  I have swords that I bought in Africa that was over a 100 years old and in Indonesia I bought a Kris that had been in a family for over 500 years. I have a sword that was used in the Civil War.   I have dozen of other knives and swords I have collected. Now I am trying to help others who are interested in these things by bringing in quality items for them to start their collections.