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08 Apr '16

The Proelia Knife is the real deal.

Posted by Matt Grant in knife, proelia knife

I love this knife.  I have been around knives for a long time and have worked with some guys who do the very high end knives (over $1000 and custom made).  I have showed the Proelia knife to them and they have all been impressed at a knife like this at the price point this knife is at.

We sell a lot to law enforcement and to people who use knives as tools in their everyday jobs.  This is truly an EDC (Every Day Carry Knife).  The feel of it is just fantastic.  At first you might think it is too bulky because it is 8 ounces but the way the grip feels you will be a believer from the minute you pick it up.  I was at a Trade Show and even the most seasoned knife people were amazed at how smooth the action was on this knife.  The great thing about this is that we are now at a new price point.  I have not seen one person who is not impressed by the feel,  weight and quality of this knife.  

Check out this youtube Video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyOd1gkY8TI