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05 Apr '16

How do they make a Shinai.

Posted by Matt Grant in martial art training, martial arts, shinai

We do a lot with Martial Artist.  Almost everyone in our company is involved in some sort of Martial Art.  We have a well known Jiu Jitsu Professor who has a School in San Diego and has won several world titles who often takes pictures with his group with a Shinai.  Eventhough the Shinai is not used in Jiu Jitsu he practices several martial arts and had Bokens and Shinais around his Academy.  Also it seems like there are new Martial Art places representing all kinds of Martial Art Styles.  All have to do with Combat Sports and all use different tools in their specific style.  Of Course people practice the different styles for a variety of reasons: as self-defense, military and law enforcement applications; ascompetition, physical fitness, mental and spiritual development.  


There are many unarmed Martial Arts like Jiu Jitsu but many others that use Weapons like kendo, kenjitsu or bujutsu which use specific weapons or Tae Kwon Do, Silat or Wing Chun or Wushu.

I found this video on how they make a Shinai  these are not our craftsmen but our are made very similar to this.  I am very happy with the Martial Art Supplies we carry.  They are high quality good weight and I think we are becoming well respected in the industry.