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Ninja Supply is your go to place for Ninja Stuff from Asia.

We have different types of Ninja Stuff from all over Asia to feed your inner Ninja desires. We have seen the ways of the Ninja and are trying to bring those ways to the everyday person trying to become the best Ninja they can become. The Ninja was well studied in the ways of stealth and weapons and we are trying to give you Ninja Stuff to help you practice the art and become better at using the weapons that they worked with to become better. Many of you may not know that a Ninja or a Shinobi was the same thing.

They both were covert agent and mercenary in feudal Japan. They used covert methods to accomplish their goals but because they were covert many people felt this type of warfare was “dishonorable and was “beneath” the Samuria Class. The Shinobi was specifically trained group of spies and mercenaries that came about in the warring stated period. They used Ninja stuff and the ways of the Ninja to achieve their objectives. Today there is still a question if the Ninja’s still exist or if it is just a thing of the past but many who train martial arts have developed the same skills. Especially for those who have trained martial arts and have developed Parkour skills. We hope that some of this Ninja Stuff can help you also accomplish your goals.

The Ninja utilized a large variety of tools and weaponry in their ninja supplies. Some were very commonly knows while others were more specialized equipment that only Ninja’s knew how to use and were able to work. Some of these items (we don’t have on our Ninja Supply site) are rocket-propelled arrows, small collapsible boats and extended spears. We also do not carry Stars or Shuriken’s because they are illegal to sell in CA. Also many of the concealed weapons that were used are also illegal and we don’t want anyone getting in trouble. Another part of the Ninja Supply was the use of disguises to keep them hidden while they were waiting for their target. While the most common image of a Ninja is one clad in black garb (shinobi shozuku) there is no written evidence that this is what they actually wore.

In fact according to history it seems much more likely that the Ninja would dress as a normal peasant or civilian to move through the people unnoticed and this was the actual ninja supply that they used. They could keep hidden and unnoticed moving from place to place even in broad daylight and in crowded areas this way so they could get close to their target and accomplish their objectives. Most likely we think of them in black because of artist later on showing them in black clothing to have them blend into dark areas and portray a sense of invisibility. With this being said there are some scholar that despite the lack of evidence are convinced that the ninja did wear black robes with dark red in order to hide blood stains. Whatever the truth may be each Ninja had his supply of disguises.

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